WP Booking System Features

We've only included the things you need in a WordPress booking system...
Plus some extras you'll love.

Calendar Features

Fully responsive design

Looks great and fits perfectly on all devices and screen sizes.

Create unlimited calendars

Each calendar can refer to a different product or service available for reservation.

iCalendar import and export

Sync with any website that supports the iCalendar format (AirBnB, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, and more...)

Intuitive backend calendar management

Extremely intuitive and easy to use backend management interface.

Changeover days

A clear way to display check-in and check-out days.

Custom legend items

Create your own legend items with custom names and colours.

Custom start weekday

Set the starting weekday of the calendar.

Custom starting month or year

Make the calendar start on a certain month or year instead of the current date.

Display multiple months

Display as many months as you want in the front-end.

Overview calendar

Combine multiple calendars into one clear overview.

Bulk date editor

Edit multiple dates with a single click.

Tooltips when hovering over dates

Display extra information about certain dates with the help op tooltips.

Display week numbers

Display the number of the week (1-52) in the calendar.

Abiltiy to hide past bookings

Display past dates as "Available" or grey them out.

User management

Assign users to edit specific calendars.

Export calendar events

Export calendar events in a CSV format.

Link calendars to pages

Calendar links appear in the Overview Calendar or Search Results.

Form Features

Fully responsive design

Looks great and fits perfectly on all devices and screen sizes.


A wide variety of fields, such as textareas, dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more...

Labels & placeholders

Add custom labels or placeholders to your form fields.

Required fields

Choose which fields are required or not.

Form confirmations

Add a custom thank you message or redirect to a thank you page.

Google reCaptcha

Protect yourself against spam messages for free with Google reCaptcha

Tracking script

Track form submissions with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or other similar services.

Pricing field

Show a summary of the order in the booking form.

Dynamic Field Population

Through an URL parameter or php a filter.

Booking Features

Intuitive backend booking management

Extremely intuitive and easy to use backend management interface.

Approve or decline bookings

Approve bookings and add them to the calendar, or decline them.

Search for available dates

Allow customers to search for available dates in all your calendars.

Multiple date selection styles

Whole day or split day date selection

Minimum or maximum booking period

Set the minimum or maximum days the customer can book.

Booking start or end day

Set the staring or ending day a customer must select.

Automatically block booked dates

Automatically approve all bookings, so no double bookings can be made.

Single day or multiple day selection

Allow the client to select one day or multiple days when booking.

Multiple bookings per day

Allow multiple bookings to be made per day, limited to a number of your choice.

Admin and Email Notifications

Both you and the customer will receive email notifications when a booking was made.

Reminder Email Notifications

Schedule emmail reminders to be send a few days before the booking starts.

Export bookings

Export bookings in a CSV format.

Print bookings

Print the bookings in a pretty format.

Send emails to customers

Send emails to the customers from the Booking Editor section.

Save email templates

Save email templates which you can re-use for all customers.


See reports and statistics for your bookings and revenue.

Payment Features


Accept online credit card payments using Stripe.


Accept online credit card payments using PayPal. Visitors can pay with their PayPal account or Credit Cards.


Accept online credit card payments using Authorize.Net.


Accept online credit card payments and bank transfers through GoPay.

Bank Transfer

Accept offline bank transfers as a payment option.


Multiple currencies available.

Offline payments

Allow clients to make bookings online and pay offline, on arrival.

Taxes & fees

Separate taxes in the booking form to encourage price transparency.

Discount rules

Offer special discounts based on specific criteria you choose.

Coupon codes

Create coupon codes with fixed or percentage amounts.

Part payments (deposit)

Charge the client a deposit when they make the booking. Accept the second payment online or in person.

Payment reminder emails

Send a payment reminder for the final payment a few days before the booking starts.

Custom prices per day or season

Set a custom price for each day, week, month or season.

Extra services

Charge for extra services per day booked or per entire booking.


Automatically generate and send invoices to your customers.

Actual customer reviews

...just a few of them

  • Lennart Visscher Thumbnail
    A powerful plugin to handle bookings on my website. It's set-up within minutes and it's very easy to work with.
    Lennart Visscher
  • Marie Comet Thumbnail
    This plugin is very easy to use, well coded. Forget the market leaders, this plugin exceed them in many ways.
    Marie Comet
  • The plugin is working perfectly. I used the free version and have upgraded to the premium version, which I highly recommend.
    Emil Andreis
  • Tina Irvine
    Super easy, and user-friendly plugin to use. Looks great and works great! I had a small hiccup (it turned out to be a widget settings issue / conflict), and the support team fixed the problem very efficiently. I highly recommend this plugin!
    T Irvine
  • The WP Booking system is great and works perfectly with my site. In addition, I can’t say enough good things about the customer service for this plugin. The team was extremely responsive and helpful, not to mention providing an extremely quick turnaround for some issues I was having. I highly recommend if you need a booking system!
    Rich Klein
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