Manage your calendars with only a few clicks. Set changeover days, choose custom colors, labels or add tooltips.

Intuitive backend calendar management

Easily change calendar availability.

Overview calendar

Combine multiple calendars into one clear overview.

See demo

Search widget

Allow customers to search for available dates in all your calendars.

See demo

Bulk date editor

Edit multiple dates with a single click.

Custom legend items

Create your own legend items with custom names and colors.

See demo
Custom legend items

User management

Assign users to edit specific calendars.

User management

Export calendar events

Export calendar events in a CSV format.

Export calendar events
Create unlimited calendars

Each calendar can refer to a different product or service available for reservation.

Changeover days

A clear way to display check-in and check-out days.


Add notes to each calendar, only visible in the backend.

Custom starting week day

Set the starting week day of the calendar.

Custom starting month or year

Make the calendar start on a certain month or year instead of the current date.

Display multiple months

Display as many months as you want in the front-end.


Display extra information about certain dates with the help of tooltips.

Display week numbers

Display the number of the week (1-52) in the calendar.

Abiltiy to hide past bookings

Display past dates as "Available" or grey them out.

Link calendars to pages

Calendar links appear in the Overview Calendar or Search Results.

Multiple date selection styles

Whole day or split day date selection.

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