Get booking notifications and approve or decline them with just a click. Add manual bookings or edit existing ones.

Intuitive booking management

See all your bookings in one place, organized in tabs. Easily find booking by sorting them or using the search function.

Booking restrictions

Set the minimum or maximum days the customer can book, enforce starting or ending weekdays, set advance periods or turnaround times.

Booking details

View or edit bookings and payment details, send emails to the customer, and more, all from a single place.

Manually add bookings

Take bookings offline (ie: over the phone or via email) and manually add them to the calendar.


See reports and statistics for your bookings and revenue.

Automatically block booked dates

Easily avoid double bookings.

Updates and messages

Email a customer whenever you need to by using the booking details modal.

Single day or multiple day selection

When booking, limit clients to single day bookings or allow multiple day bookings, depending on the service you provide.

Manually approve or decline bookings

You can review bookings manually and decide whether you want to keep or decline them.

Multiple date selection styles

Whole day or split day date selection.

Multiple bookings per day

Allow multiple bookings to be made per day, limited to a number of your choice.


Add private notes to bookings.

Export bookings

Export bookings in a CSV format.

Print bookings

Print the bookings in a pretty format.

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