WP Booking System Update – Version 5.8.14

January 15, 2024

Version 5.8.14 – January 2024

We’re excited to share with you the latest update to WP Booking System – Version 5.8.14! This update marks a significant leap forward in our commitment to providing an intuitive and powerful booking management experience. Let’s dive into what’s new and improved!

🌟 Yearly Calendar Widget

The latest update includes a brand-new Yearly Calendar widget, designed to give the customer a comprehensive view of your calendar’s availability. This widget displays a full 12-month calendar, allowing the customer to easily book any date.

👥 New Customers Add-On

Understanding your customers is key to providing exceptional service. That’s why we’ve introduced the new Customers add-on. This feature provides a detailed list of all your customers, accompanied by a range of statistics.

🔢 Enhanced Number Form Field

We’ve also revamped the Number form field. Now, it comes with stylish and user-friendly + and – buttons, making it simpler and more intuitive for your customers to select quantities or values. This small but significant change enhances the user experience, making your booking system more accessible and efficient. You can see it in action on our Advanced Demo page.

🔄 First Available Month option

To further streamline the booking process, we’ve added a new option called “Show First Available Month.” This feature automatically loads the first available month in the calendar, eliminating the need to navigate through unavailable dates. It’s all about making the booking experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible for your customers.

🔁 Renaming for Clarity: ‘Automatically Block Dates’

In our quest to make the WP Booking System as intuitive as possible, we’ve renamed the “Auto Accept” option to “Automatically Block Dates.” This change aims to eliminate confusion with the “Accept” and “Pending” tabs, making it clearer and more straightforward for you to manage your bookings.

🔧 Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

As with every update, we’ve addressed various bugs and made numerous minor improvements. These enhancements are all part of our ongoing effort to ensure a seamless and reliable experience for both you and your customers.

🚀 Your Feedback Matters

Your feedback drives our continuous improvement. If you have any suggestions, questions, or need assistance, we’re always here to listen and help. This update is a reflection of our commitment to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

We encourage you to update to WP Booking System Version 5.8.14 and experience these new features and improvements for yourself. To see the full list of changes included in this update, please visit the changelog on our website.

Thank you for choosing WP Booking System!

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