Redsys Payment Add-on

Accept credit cards using the Redsys payment gateway, or mobile payments using BIZUM.

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Redsys is a payment service provider that allows businesses to process credit and debit card transactions online and in-person. It is based in Spain and is used by merchants in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, hospitality, and retail. Redsys offers a range of payment solutions, including a secure online payment gateway, mobile payments, and point-of-sale systems. It also provides fraud prevention tools and technical support to its clients.

This add-on allows you to accept payments with both Redsys and BIZUM.

BIZUM is a mobile payment service in Spain that allows users to make payments and transfer money to other individuals or businesses using their smartphones. It was launched in 2015 and is owned by several major Spanish banks, including Banco Santander, CaixaBank, and Banco Sabadell. Bizum can be used to make payments in-store, online, and through a variety of other channels. It is available as a standalone app or can be integrated into other financial apps and services. In addition to traditional payments, BIZUM also offers features such as split payments, which allow users to divide the cost of a purchase among multiple people.

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