Bookings are not automatically accepted

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Bookings are not automatically accepted

When embedding the calendar, there’s an option called “Auto Accept“. Setting this to Yes will automatically change the legend of the booked dates to “Booked” so no double bookings can be made.

If you are embedding the calendar using the shortcode, the parameter should be set to auto_pending="yes".

Even with Auto Accept set to Yes, the bookings will still appear in the Pending tab in the booking manager.

Legend Items

If the Auto Accept option is set to Yes and the calendar is still not blocking the booked dates, please go to your calendar’s Edit Legend screen and check the Auto Accept as column. This lets the calendar know what legend items to use when accepting the booking.

The “Booked” legend item should have the Full Day option set, and the “Changeover” legend items should each have the corresponding Starting/Ending Changeover options.


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