General Payment Options

When installing one of the payments add-ons, the plugin interface will change a bit, allowing you to set prices for calendar dates, add pricing form fields, view payment details, set up a Payment on Arrival payment method, and change some settings related to payments.

Calendar Pricing Options

When editing a calendar, you will see a new meta box below the calendar and a new column in the calendar editor.

From the pricing meta box, you can set the default price for all the dates in the calendar. Then, you can set custom individual prices for each date from the Price column in the calendar editor.

Form Pricing Options

Five new form fields will become available when installing a payment add-on. These new fields are:

  1. Product Dropdown – allows you to create a select box to add extra services to the booking.
  2. Product Checkbox – allows you to create checkboxes to add extra services to the booking.
  3. Product Radio – allows you to create radio buttons to add extra services to the booking.
  4. Total – displays a table with the total price of the order, similar to a cart.
  5. Payment method – allows the user to select a payment method

The Product fields

This behaves like a normal dropdown, checkbox or radio field, the difference is that for each option, you can also add the price.

You also have an option for the way this price is calculated. You can add the price per booking, or multiply the price by the number of days booked.

The Total and Payment Method field

These fields do not have any configurable options, except for the field label. The screenshot below shows an example of how these fields appear in the form:

Booking Payment Details

When a booking is made and a payment is received, a new tab will appear in the booking modal window, called Payment Details.

Here you will find the payment gateway used, the transaction id and other payment information, as well as the items ordered and the total price.

Payment Settings

In WP-Admin -> WP Booking System -> Settings -> Payment Tab you can change the general payment optoins, the individual options for each payment gateway and change the payment strings that appear throughout the site.

In the General Settings you can change the Currency you want to use and configure the Product Name. This will appear in the form’s pricing table after the user selects a date.

Payment on Arrival

You can set up a Payment on Arrival payment method, which allows the user to make a booking without having to make an online payment.

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