Bookings are attached to calendars. To view the bookings for a calendar, go to WP Booking System -> Calendars and open a calendar.

Bookings are grouped in 3 tabs.

  1. Pending – all new bookings will appear under the pending tab. They can be Accepted or Deleted.
  2. Accepted – all your accepted bookings will appear in this tab
  3. Deleted – all your deleted bookings will appear in this tab

When a booking is made, it will automatically appear in the Pending tab.

All bookings have an unique id. The ID’s for Pending bookings are displayed in grey, and the ID’s for the accepted bookings are displayed in one of 10 random colors, to make it easier to distinguish them.

Once you have received a few bookings, the Bookings area will look like this.

Bookings are paginated with a maximum of 5 results per page. You can sort bookings by the date they were made on, the check-in date or the check-out date, in an ascending or descending order, and you can even search by typing anything in the search box in the top right corner.

Continue reading about how to accept or delete bookings.

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