Form Builder

When you edit a form, the first tab that opens is the Form Builder. This is split in two columns. On the left you have the Form and on the right you have the available form fields that you can add to the form.

You can chose between:

  1. Text Field – a regular field where the user can enter text
  2. Email Field – an email field which will check if a valid email address is entered
  3. Textarea Field – a field where the the user can enter multiple lines of text
  4. Dropdown Field – a drop down field where the user can select one value
  5. Checkbox Field – a list with checkboxes where the user can select one or more options
  6. Radio Field – a list with radio buttons where the user can select one option
  7. HTML Field – creates a field in the form builder where you can enter custom HTML code, like headings or paragraphs. The user cannot interact with this field.
  8. Hidden Field – a hidden field which will not appear in the form. You can use this to add custom text or variables which you want to be submitted with the form
  9. Captcha FIeld – a Google reCaptcha v2 field to help prevent spam. To use this you will have to add the reCaptcha API keys in the settings page.

To add a field to the form builder, simply click it and it will appear in the left column.

Once a field is added, you can click on it and it will open the field’s options. You have the basic options such as the field label, the options (for dropdown, checkbox and radio fields) and whether or not it is required, and some advanced options like the placeholder, a default value, a small description which appears under the field, a custom CSS class if you want to style it differently and an option to hide the label on the front-end.

An example of a complete form looks like this:

Which on the front-end looks like this:

Continue reading about how to configure form options and how to set up email notifications.

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