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Email settings

Email Logging

Enable Email Logging Enables email logging. This will save a copy of all the emails sent to the customer. Emails can be viewed in the Email Logs tab from the Booking Modal
Delivery Hour The delivery hour for scheduled emails (payment reminders, follow-up emails, etc.)

Form Defaults

These values will be used when emailing the customer from the Booking Modal.

Default “From Name” The default “From Name” value.
Default “From Email” The default “From Email” value.
Default “Reply To” The default “Reply To” value.
Default “CC” The default “CC” value.
Default “BCC” The default “BCC” value.

Email customization

Disable Fancy Emails Disable the default email formatting and send emails in plain text format. See an example below of what the email looks like.
Logo A logo that will appear in the email header.
Logo Height The height of the logo in pixels.
Accent Color A colored line that appears in the email header.
Email Footer A text that is included in the footer of all the emails.

Message Templates

These templates can be used to automatically populate the Subject and Message field values when emailing the customer from the Booking Modal.

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