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Pricing and payments

When enabling pricing or installing one of the payments add-ons, the plugin interface will change a bit, allowing you to set prices for calendar dates, add pricing form fields, view payment details, and set up payment methods.

Setting up prices

A new column called Price will appear in the calendar editor which will allow you to assign a price to each date.

Payment Methods

The default payment methods available in the plugin are Payment on arrival and Bank transfer. These are both offline payment methods. You can also install online payment add-ons such as Stripe, PayPal, Mollie, GoPay,, or use any payment gateway supported by WooCommerce through our WooCommerce Checkout add-on.

Pricing Form Fields

Additional pricing form fields will appear in the form builder which you can use to add additional services or extras to your booking.

Product Field A hidden field that adds a mandatory cost to the booking, eg. a Cleaning Fee.
Product Dropdown Field Same as the simple dropdown field, but it allows you to assign a price to each option.
Product Checkbox Field Same as the simple checkbox field, but it allows you to assign a price to each option.
Product Radio Field Same as the simple radio field, but it allows you to assign a price to each option.
Coupon Field A field for entering the coupon code. This is only available if the Discounts & Coupons add-on is installed.
Inventory Field A dropdown field to allow the customer to select how many slots they want to book. This is only available if the Inventory add-on is installed.
Total Field A table with all the line items and the total price of the order, similar to a shopping cart.
Payment method Field A field for selecting the payment method. This displays all active payment methods.

A payment is created and prices are saved in the database only if the Payment Method field is added to the form.

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