Calendar Legend

Each calendar holds its own legend items. These can be edited from WP Admin -> WP Booking System -> Calendars -> select a calendar -> Edit Legend Items.

Once you click the Edit Legend Items button, you will be taken to the to a page where all the Legend Items are displayed.

You can edit the Legend’s name, type and colors by clicking on the legend name, or you can edit it’s behavior within the calendar of booking form directly form this screen.

Let’s go through each column.

The default legend fills the entire calendar. It is used as the default legend where no bookings are made. There can be only one default legend per calendar.

Toggle whether or not the legend item is visible on the front-end when embedding the calendar.

Toggle whether or not the legend item can be selected by the visitor in order to make a booking.

Auto Accept as
When embedding the Calendar on the website, you have an option to Auto Accept bookings. This means that, when a booking is made, the booked dates will automatically be set to the legend that has the “Booked” option.

Also, when embedding a calendar, if you set the “selection type” to split, the beginning and end of the booking dates will be set to the legend items that have the “Starting Changeover” and “Ending Changeover” options.

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