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Dynamic Date Selection & Month Display

You can dynamically select a date or set the starting month and year of the calendar using query strings.

Month display

You can set the start month or year using the wpbs-start-month and wpbs-start-year parameters. Both accept a numeric value, 1-12 for the month, and a 4 digit number for the year.

To automatically load the calendar showing August 2022, your URL would need to look like this:


Date Selection

To dynamically select a date, you need to use the wpbs-selection-start and wpbs-selection-end parameters. Both parameters accept a date string, in the Y-m-d format (0000-00-00).

To automatically select 20-27 August 2022 in the calendar, your URL would need to look like this:


When using date selection, it also recommended you add the start month and year parameters, otherwise, the selection may not be visible. The full URL would look like this:


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