Editing Calendar Availability

Edit Single Date Availability

To edit the availability of a single date for a certain calendar navigate to your WordPress admin area -> WP Booking System -> Calendars, then click on the calendar you wish to edit.

You should be redirected to the main edit screen of the calendar. Here you will be able to change the availability for each individual date and much more.

Each individual date has three fields that you can modify to your liking:

  • Availability – You can use this field to associate any legend item the calendar has to the date.
  • Description – You can use the description field of the date to add private information regarding your booking. This information will not be displayed anywhere else, but here.
  • Tooltip – You can use the tooltip field of the date to add information that you wish users to see when they hover over the calendar date in the front-end part of your website. Tooltips can be activated for each individual calendar from the shortcode or Gutenberg module.

Bulk Edit Dates Availability

Besides editing dates one by one, WP Simple Booking Calendar offers the option of editing a range of dates, with the help of the Bulk Edit Availability tool.

You can find this tool in the sidebar of the calendar’s edit screen, just under the calendar’s legend.

To set multiple dates to have the same legend item, description or tooltip information simply select a start date and an end date for the date-range and then complete the other information. Once ready, press the Bulk Edit button. This will modify the dates with the new information.

If you have realized you have made a mistake, you have the option to Undo your last bulk edit. Simply click the Undo link from the tool and the dates will be reset to their previous values. Please take into account that if you refresh the page or navigate away from the page the undo feature will not be available anymore.

Any changes you make are only saved after you click the “Save Calendar” button.

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