Export a Calendar with iCal

You can export your calendar’s data to other platforms, such as Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway or Google Calendar, or any other platforms that support the iCalendar format, with the help of the iCal feed link generated by the plugin.

To export your data, you will simply have to specify which legend items you wish to be exported as being booked in the other platforms, copy the iCal link from your WordPress website and pasting it into the platform you wish to import the data.

The iCal Import/Export Calendar Edit Page

To access the iCal Import and Export page for a calendar, navigate to WP Booking System -> Calendars, then enter the edit page of the needed calendar.

In the edit page of the Calendar, click the iCal Import/Export button, found in the page’s sidebar, as shown in the screenshot below.

You should be redirected to the iCal Import and Export page for that particular calendar.

Setting Legend Items As Booked

In order for any legend item to be exported from your WordPress website to any other platform, it must be marked as booked, as shown in the screenshot below.

To mark a legend item as booked, click the input field, select the legend item to mark and click the Save Preferences button.

By default, each day is exported as a separate event. You can group more days together to form a single event by checking the Group Events by Description checkbox. This will group all the consecutive events that have the same description into one event.

As an example, if you have a legend item named Booked in your WordPress calendar, which is set for the dates 21st to 28th of July, and this legend item is marked to be exported, the 21st to 28th of July should appear as unavailable or booked into the platform were you’ve added the iCal link.

Important Note: If you have certain dates that have been previously exported as booked to another platform and you later set them in WordPress to be available, the change may not be reflected into the other platform. This is due to the way other platforms import the iCal feed the plugin generates. Our plugin only sends the dates that have legend items marked as booked. What the other platforms do with existing and new information is not under our control.

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