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Form or Settings not saving

If you notice that changes in the Form Editor, Form settings or the plugin’s Settings page are not being saved, this is probably caused by a server configuration limitation.

Since the settings pages use tabs, all the fields in the page are loaded at once. If you have a lot of add-ons installed and multiple languages enabled, the number of fields can grow quite a lot. When clicking on the save button and all this data is passed to the server, it might reach some of the limits in the configuration file and get ignored, so the changes will not be saved.

To fix this, you can try one of the following options:

Modify the php.ini configuration file

First, you can try increasing the values in your php.ini configuration file. Most hosting providers allow you to do this from your host dashboard (either directly or through cPanel or DirectAdmin). If they don’t, you can contact them for help.

The values that most probably need to be increased are memory_limit, max_input_vars, max_input_nesting_level and post_max_size.

Disable tabs in the settings page

Disabling tabs will refresh the page whenever switching between the settings page tabs. This will only load the input fields from the current screen.

To do this, add this code to your theme’s functions.php file:

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