Limited Bookings per Day

Upon activation, a new column is created in the calendar editor, where the number of maximum bookings allowed is displayed.

Without this add-on, the calendar can accept an unlimited number of bookings per day, or just one booking per day if the Auto Accept option is enabled. You only need this add-on if you want to accept more than one booking per day.

The Inventory functionality will not work well when Importing or Exporting iCalendar feeds.

You will need to set a default limit which applies to all the days, then you can modify each day’s limit individually, or using the bulk editor.

For the add-on to work, the Auto Accept Bookings (or auto_pending parameter in the shortcode) needs to be set to “yes”.

Each time a booking is made, the limit for the booked dates is decreased by 1. If the Auto Accept Bookings option is set to “no”, the limit remains unchanged, allowing an unlimited number of bookings.

When a booking is made and the limit for one or more days reaches 0 (zero), the days are automatically marked as booked, and if the Selection Style is set to “split”, it add changeover days accordingly.


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