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No payment was received for this booking

If you are seeing the No payment was received for this booking message in the Payment Details tab or in one of your emails, it means that the payment was not saved in the database, even if the prices were shown in the booking form.

For the payment to be saved, you need to:

  1. Have at least one active payment method.
  2. Add the Payment Method field in the form builder.

Hiding the payment method field but still saving payment data.

If you do not wish to display the payment method field in the form but still want to save the payment data, you could enable the “Payment on Arrival” payment method and add the “Payment Method” field to your form.

Since “Payment on Arrival” will be the only payment method available, it will be selected by default, not requiring any user action. You can then hide the field by adding the following CSS code to WP Admin Appearance Customize Additional CSS:

.wpbs-form-field-payment_method {display:none;}

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