General Settings

From the General Settings tab you can modify the following options:

  1. Booking History Color – which is used when the booking history is set to “3” in the shortcode
  2. Booking Hover Color – the color of the calendar dates when a user hovers over them
  3. Booking Selection Color – the color of the calendar dates when a user makes a selection
  4. Backend Start Day – the calendar’s starting day of the week, used in the backend. You can change the starting date for the frontend calendar from the shortcode.
  5. iCal Refresh Times – if you are importing iCalendar feeds, these will be cached to improve website loading speed. You can set the interval at which the cache is cleared.
  6. User Role Permissions – The user roles who have access to edit all the calendars.


The available languages in which the plugin can be translated in.

Form Settings

From the Form Settings tab you can modify the following options:

  1. Form Styling – the form styling to use. We created very simple and clean form design which is used by default, when the “Plugin Styling” is selected. If you select “Theme Styling” our custom styling will not be used and the form will inherit your theme’s design.
  2. Form Defaults – save your name and email address here and they will be automatically added in the booking email form so you won’t have to manually write them every time.
  3. reCaptcha API Keys – your Google reCaptcha v2 Tickbox API Credentials

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