Accepting or Deleting Bookings

To Accept or Delete a booking, or just view the booking details, click on any booking from the Bookings box and a modal window will appear.

In the modal window, you have 3 tabs.

1. The Manage Booking tab

This is the tab where you can Accept or Delete your booking. A list with the booked dates will appear. You can modify the status of the dates, the description or the tooltips for each date. You can also use the Bulk Editor to change all the dates at once.

Below the date editor, you have an option to send an email to the customer. If you click on the button, an email form will appear which is similar to the one in the “Email Customer” tab described below. This option only appears if the booking was submitted from a form that contains an “email address” field.

Clicking Accept Booking or Delete Booking will update the status and descriptions for the booked dates above. The page will refresh and these changes will reflect in the calendar.

2. The Booking Details tab.

In this tab, the booking details are displayed. The left column shows the booking details, like the ID and the dates, and the right column shows the data from all the form fields.

3. The Email Customer tab.

You can send a message to the customer without changing anything to the booking. This tab only appears if the booking was submitted from a form that contains an “email address” field.

The “From Name” and “From Email” values are taken automatically from the Settings Page so you won’t have to write them every time.

There is also an “Include Booking Details” button under the Message field. If this is selected, the booking details will be automatically added to the end of the email.

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